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race report | TC 10 mile

Running 10 miles with no training is, hmm, well, completely idiotic. Even more so coming off hip and hamstring injuries. But… I registered for the TC 10 Mile eons ago with two of my grad school gal pals and just couldn’t let my bib number go to waste!

At the Metrodome bright and early for the 7:09a start, I was anxious with anticipation and adrenaline. Really? I’m planning to run 10 miles even though I have only ran 12 miles TOTAL since April?! Definitely not my brightest idea.

It was far from a PR – my previous half marathon times are 10-15 minutes faster – but it was definitely one of my most fun runs. We chatted it up, kept a steady pace, stopped at the porta potties once and only walked for about 30 seconds. And with a third-mile to go, we kicked it in high gear and powered through the pain across the finish line. Not bad for not training!

Honestly, I was surprised at how well it went. I knew I would finish, but I thought the run would involve a LOT more walking and a LOT more pain, especially in my almost recovered right hip and hammy (thankfully, that wasn’t the case… whew!). My legs didn’t start protesting – and it was only minor – until mile eight. By the time the cathedral and the capitol were in sight at the end of Summit, however, I was definitely ready to be done.

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful and thankful I am that I’m healthy and fit enough to spontaneously run 10 miles. So awesome!

Thanks much, Indira, for rockin’ the 10 Mile with me! I’m already looking forward to training for next year. 🙂

Race stats

Time : 1:57:50

Average pace : 11:47 per mile

Overall place : 6442 out of 7017

Gender place : 3837 out of 4311 females

Age group place : 827 out of 922 females 30-34

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