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back on the bike.

Unlike last year, it wasn’t much of a winter in Minnesota. The Nordic skis purchased in November only skated across real snow twice – and that was in the U.P. (Despite the man-made snow, there were some good ski days at Theo Wirth and Elm Creek, mixed in there, too.)

The snow shortage, however, has made for some sweet early season cycling. Nick and I pedaled about 25 miles on Saturday – 63 degrees and sunny – and another 15 on Sunday. It doesn’t get much better than biking in early March! And, even though I’ve been spinning at CorePower Yoga two or three days a week most of the winter, it doesn’t compare to the actual road; my legs are tired!

cycling on the Greenway…

Another weekend highlight… we met up with my gal pal Hyedi at Gear West, where she was fitted for her first road bike (yay!), and I was fitted for my first tri bike. No purchase – yet – but I’m still giddy about potentially pedaling this sweet ride.

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  1. Yay! You are up and blogging! And I got a shout out! 🙂

    April 4, 2012
    • Yes! Finally! Excited to bike with you soon 🙂

      April 4, 2012
      • Hyedi Cribben #

        Hope we can get out very soon!

        April 9, 2012

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