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weekly workouts | april 9

Monday, April 9 – traveling for work (road trip to South Dakota!) and forgot my running kicks. A much needed rest day, as I was so sore from Saturday’s CrossFit WOD (10 rounds for time: 10 push-ups + 10 pull-ups + 10 squats + 10 sit-ups = 22:10) that lifting my arms above my head or straightening them was excruciatingly painful.

Tuesday, April 10 – easy, short 2.14-mile run (the first since January 10!).

Wednesday, April 11 – planned to swim today, but the soreness in my arms and shoulders was just too much. Finally, I’m starting to listen to my body (taking multiple rest days during a week has always been a struggle).

Thursday, April 12CrossFit interval WOD.

  • Two rounds for time: 10 power snatch (33 pounds… oh, how I loathe the power snatch) + 30 wall ball shots (10-pound ball) = 4:45.
  • Rest six minutes.
  • Five rounds for time: 7 medicine ball cleans (10-pound ball) + 7 push-ups = 3:37.
  • Rest six minutes.
  • Run 400m for time = 1:43.
  • Rest 1:43.
  • Run 200m for time = 0:56.
  • Total time = 24:36.

Fun WOD… and, it was so great to work out with Katie and Kerstin again!

Friday, April 13 – another rest day – bah! – but, Nick and I had a long overdue double date with my sis and brother-in-law.

Saturday, April 14CrossFit Eva WOD (five rounds for time: 800m run + 30 kettle bell swings + 30 pull-ups = 42:43). Still a bit of residual soreness from last Saturday, so I subbed ring-rows for pull-ups – and surprised myself by using a 30-pound kettle bell. Endurance WODs are my favorite!

Sunday, April 15 – C2 vinyasa yoga. Lovely morning class at the CorePower Yoga Highland Park studio. It had been nearly two weeks since I practiced (which is far too long), and I could tell; stretching and bending never felt so good. And, savasana?! Pure bliss.

As I mentioned earlier, taking a rest day each week – let alone three – has always been a struggle. Left feeling guilty and lazy, I typically force myself to do something, even if my tired and sore body screams no. Slowly, and with some friendly reminders from thoughtful pals, I’m learning that rest days are crucial to recovery and improvement… which is why I will only allow myself a two-days-a-week CrossFit membership (well, for now anyway); if it’s unlimited like it once was, before I know it, I’ve WODed 15 consecutive days and have badly blistered palms.

Other weekend fun… the Twins vs. Rangers game. Such a fun, sunny Saturday!

How did you workout last week? What are you doing this week to stay active?

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  1. Hyedi Cribben #

    Of all of the things you do that amaze/inspire me — I think I’m the most impressed with you listening to your body and taking a rest day. I know how hard it is (especially for you!) and I have a feeling that taking these rest days every now and then will just make you an even more amazing athlete than you already are!

    April 16, 2012
    • You’re too kind, Hyedi… thank you! It’s been a really long time coming actually listening to my body, and even when I do, it’s a fight to actually rest 🙂

      April 17, 2012

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