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weekly workouts | may 21

Monday, May 21 – such picture perfect evening that, even with sore quads from Saturday’s run, I couldn’t not ride my bike. A quick, sunshiny cruise on the Ford-Franklin bridge loop and back to the Cathedral, and I was happy. Nick and I topped off the evening with a wild sockeye salmon + arugula + Japanese sweet potato dinner on the patio. Perfect.

Bike stats: 18.11 miles, 1:09:07.

cycling shadows.

Tuesday, May 22sometimes, running sucks. Tears were cried after this P2 workout.

Run stats: ~8.25 miles, including 3 x 1,600m track intervals, ~1:30:00.

Bike stats: 10.33 miles, 43:58.

Wednesday, May 23 – today, I rested and enjoyed every single minute of it… well, except for the foam rolling part.

Thursday, May 24 – rain, rain go away. Two inches fell in MSP, so riding outside wasn’t an option after work. However, it did give me the chance to ride the Kinetic road machine for the first time ever. It worked fairly well, although I don’t think I had it set up exactly right (the tension was off a bit on the back wheel). Nonetheless, I got in 90 minutes of spinning (and an estimated 23 miles) and watched half of The Spirit of the Marathon while worrying if a giant spider would land on my head (the trainer is set up in the dungeon).

indoor spin.

Friday, May 25 – yoga bliss. That moment in tripod headstand when you’re completely weightless… it’s magic (I’m still working on forearm headstand… for some reason, this inversion terrifies me). A lovely mid-afternoon vinyasa flow lead by Brigitte that included a pre-class savasana that knocked me out and an amazing shoulder and temple massage during final savasana. Yogahhhhh…

Saturday, May 27 – rain… again! We were en route to run around Lake Phalen when it started raining buckets. So, thanks to a couple guest passes from Nick’s buddy, Sam, we hit the dreadmills at the YMCA downtown Saint Paul. Time passed fairly quickly thanks to good conversation and high-tech treadmills with built-in TVs. Not quite sure how Nick and Sam toughed out 18 miles because my six plus a two-mile walk were long enough on the dreadmill (am I the only who cannot stop staring at the clock when running on one?!)! Nice work, boys 🙂

Rounded out the workout with some foam rolling and sauna relaxation.

Run stats: 6.1 miles, 56:52 (plus, a two-mile cool down walk).

dreadmill smiles.

foam roll hell.

Sunday, May 28 – Nick and I kicked off the day with a P2 bike / run brick. Holy hot + humid. Not kidding, by the time we were done, I looked like I’d just stepped out of the shower. Even better: My cycling tan lines have started!

Unlike Tuesday’s brick, today’s workout was awesome. Our bike ride brought us down new roads, including around lakes Como, Bennett, Owasso and Josephine. Such gems in the city! A short run down St. Clair to the Mississippi and back rounded out the brick.

Bike stats: 27.76 miles, 1:52:58.

Run stats: 3.15 miles, 29:12.

After brunch at Birchwood (it was 90 degrees, and yes, we had cappuccinos), we hit up Run N Fun for some new kicks. High time because it had been nearly two years – two years! – since I last bought running shoes… yikes! Not kidding, I tried on about 20 pairs… Asics, Nike, New Balance, Mizuno, Brooks… before deciding on the Nike Zoom Structure Triax +15. Big thanks to the girl who patiently bought me pair after pair, even when the store was closing (I forgot to ask her name, but she was SO helpful!)! Next time you need running shoes, definitely check out this shop on Randolph… they’re crazy knowledgeable, super nice and know how to find you a perfectly fit pair of kicks (and, you even get to test run in ’em outside!).

just a few pairs I tried on…

new shoes on, old shoes out (pink laces on the right).

Weekly mileage:

Bike 79.2 miles, 5:16:03
Run 17.5 miles, 2:56:04

This week’s goals: more biking, more yoga, more running, more swimming, more working out! What are you doing more of this week?

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  1. Nice week of workouts!

    I need new shoes, too.

    This week I’m focusing on more running and more yoga (didn’t get any yoga in last week)!

    May 28, 2012
    • Thanks, Hyedi! New running shoes feel SO good… can’t wait to run in them tomorrow.

      Running + yoga = good combo this week. I’ll be doing some of the same 🙂

      May 28, 2012
      • Sounds lovely! 🙂

        May 29, 2012
  2. I love the new look, did your sister do it?
    This week I have yoga and spinning on the agenda, and hopefully at least one hike!

    May 29, 2012
    • Thanks, Emily! She did; she’s so talented!

      Hiking sounds awesome! Have fun 🙂

      May 30, 2012

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