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weekly workouts | june 25

Monday, June 25 – it was such a perfect day for an outdoor swim! After work, Nick and I joined our P2 teammate, Sonia, at Highland Park Aquatic Center for a few laps in the sunshine (and, it immediately brought me back to my summer lifeguarding days at the Hallock Pool). The 50-meter pool felt so big compared to LA Fitness’s 25-meter pool! We swam 3 x 500s with a couple minutes of rest in between each. I’m a decent swimmer, but I definitely need more time in the water before Chisago on July 22!

Swim stats: 1,500m, about 40 minutes.

highland park aquatic center.

swim caps + goggles = awkward.

Tuesday, June 26 – I can’t remember a run as lovely as today’s morning jaunt down Summit to the Mississippi River and back. My pace was steady, my legs felt strong and I barely glanced at my Garmin (my eyes are usually glued to it).

Run stats: 6.33 miles, 1:00:05.

Wednesday, June 27 – it was close to 90 degrees – my kind of cycling weather! – when I hopped on my bike for a solo ride down Summit and the Greenway and around Isles, Calhoun and Harriet (Nick had a meeting after work, so I was on my own). After a frustrating day, today’s ride was pretty much perfect. Cycling truly is a cure-all; by the time I got home, I was back to my happy self.

Bike stats: 31.06 miles, 1:53:23.


lake harriet.

Thursday, June 28 – I joined my P2 teammates today at the Macalaster track for a bike + run brick. After an easy 15-minute spin down St. Clair and River Road to a parking lot near the Ford plant, we hammered out two fast loops around the Ford-Franklin bridge loop. A 30-minute run followed at the track with the first mile at pace. My running has come SO far since May – and, even better that it’s been injury-free!

Bike stats: 23.27 miles, 1:21:33.

Run stats: one mile @ 7:19 + two miles @ easy pace at the Macalaster track.

Friday, June 29 – the highlight of today’s rest day: traveling to Pine City for a relaxing weekend at the cabin on Cross Lake. The instant we left town, I felt the stress leave my shoulders. We spent the evening with friends grilling, watching the sunset from the dock and a late-night pontoon cruise. Perfect.

cross lake sunshine.

cross lake sunset.

Saturday, June 30 – Nick and I don’t travel without our bikes, obviously, and this weekend was no exception. While most everyone was still sleeping at the cabin, we got up and rocked the Pine City Freedom Fest sprint triathlon. Race report to come…

We spent the rest of the day on the pontoon, tubing + skiing behind the boat, napping in the hammock and sipping wine out of juice glasses.




me + nick.

Sunday, July 1 – sun poisoning + dehydration are painful (I only had two glasses of moscato on Saturday!). I woke up early, only to run to the bathroom to dry heave multiple times until I finally rolled out of bed, head pounding, around 12:30p. After some relaxing on the dock and a couple hours on the pontoon, we called it a fantastic weekend and headed home. Thank you so much, Shannon + Nick, for your wonderful hospitality this weekend! We had a TON of fun!

Weekly stats: Not quite as much training as I would have liked, but all-in-all, a decent week.

Bike 66.33 miles, 3:48:42
Run 11.65 miles, 1:44:46
Swim 1,500m, 40 minutes

This week’s goals: We’re heading to Brainerd for four days, but there will definitely be a couple open water swims on Gull Lake and biking of course.

Have a safe and festive Fourth!

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  1. Wow. I’d say that was another week of awesome workouts! I think you balance summer fun and fitness (although I think fitness is fun!) quite well. Thanks for the HP Aquatic Center info via Instagram — I might go check it out today! Happy Fourth of July!

    July 4, 2012
    • Thanks, Hyedi! I agree… fitness IS fun! You checked out Highland, right? Thoughts? We swam there again today… love it on a hot afternoon!

      Hope you had a wonderful + relaxing Fourth and weekend!

      July 9, 2012
      • I did check it out! I liked it a lot 🙂

        July 10, 2012

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