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weekly workouts | july 9

Monday, July 9 – it couldn’t have been more perfect outside – sunny, 90 degrees, no breeze – for a late afternoon swim at Highland Park Aquatic Center. If only my attitude would have matched. I’m trying so hard to love it, but ugh… I just can’t get past it. I broke my workout into four 500 meter intervals with a minute or so rest in between each while my P2 teammates did intervals in the next lane (I didn’t want to slow them down, so I swam on my own).

Swim stats: 2,000 meters, about 45 minutes.

By the way… soon-to-be Olympian Gwen Jorgensen swims here, too! Check out the story in the STrib.

Tuesday, July 10 – tonight’s P2 run was modified since Life Time Tri is Saturday (eeeeeeek!). Following a 20-minute warm-up down Summit and a 400 meter tempo run around the Macalaster track, a teammate and I ran a 25-minute route down St. Clair and Davern to Ford Parkway and back. Nick and I finished up with a 1,200 meter cool down run on the track.

Run stats: 6.15 miles, 53:57.

Wednesday, July 11 – teammate and friend Sonia joined Nick and I for an evening spin down Summit, the Greenway, two loops around Isles and back. En route home, we made a quick pit stop at Longfellow Grill’s party on the patio for some refreshments 🙂

Bike stats: 24.97 miles, 1:37:16.

Thursday, July 12 – my day was made when I received a little “good luck on your first 70.3!” care package all the way from Texas. Nick’s sister, Amanda, is so thoughtful and sweet! Thank you! It was filled with my favorite fuel, Honey Stingers, and some swag from Lance’s shop, Mellow Johnny’s.

My P2 teammates and I met at Lake Nokomis tonight for a mini tri. Preparations were already underway for Saturday’s race, and seeing the race set-up gave me even more butterflies. But, the workout went well… the warm water felt good, the bike was fast and the run was steady. I feel ready!

Swim stats: about 1,000 meter and 25 minutes.

Bike stats: 7.53 miles, 28:39.

Run stats: 2.02 miles, 16:58.

Friday, July 13 – after we picked up our race packets at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Nick and I got a pre-race bite to eat (can’t go wrong with poached eggs and bacon, right?!). When we got home, I found this little guy embedded in my scalp. Talk about adrenaline rush… wood ticks give me the heebie jeebies! How fitting for Friday the thirteenth…

Saturday, July 14 – Life Time Tri: MPLS! My first Olympic distance triathlon went really well and was tons of fun. Race report this week! In the meantime, my splits and a post-race pic…

Swim stats: 1.5K, 36:03.

Bike stats: 40K, 1:15:52.

Run stats: 10K, 54:25.

Total: 2:52:25.

Sunday, July 15 – after a much-needed sleep in and a trip to the Saint Paul Farmers Market, Nick and went for an easy spin to loosen our legs. We switched up our normal route and headed east on River Road to Shepard Road and the path along 35E. The downhill sure was fun after climbing up Highway 13 in Mendota! The stifling heat + humidity and exhausted legs weren’t the best combo, so I was pretty spent by the time we got home.

Bike stats: 30.65 miles, 1:58:50.

Weekly stats:

Swim 4,500 meters, 1:46:03
Bike 88 miles, 5:20:37
Run 14.37 miles, 2:05:20

This week: Another moderate week in preparation for Chisago 70.3 on Sunday! I’m SO nervous!

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