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ironman canada | week 14

What did ironman training teach me this week? That sometimes your body screams at you to slow the eff down and REST.

After a particularly fantastic Friday filled with my sister, my sweet niece and a 51-mile out-and-back bike ride from Woodbury to Afton to almost Marine on St. Croix…


…my body slammed me with a migraine and stomach so upset I couldn’t even keep water down. Saturday was sofa city; I slept for about 26 of 36 hours and missed this week’s long run. The result: this week’s run mileage was super low – and, I can tell.


But, the entire week wasn’t a bust. Though Coach Joe scheduled this week as a a rejuv week, I got a bonus bike ride in on Monday (it was too nice outside to not bike! So much bike love!), my first time trial (blog post this week!) and some solid swimming.



In big toe news… it’s still broken. And, there’s nothing I can do about it. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt while running!

In non-training news…

I forgot to post this last week, but I finally bought a 910XT! It works like a charm for running.


Some nights catching up with girl friends is exactly what’s needed. Thanks for a fun night, Hyedi, KJ and Kristin!


I took Friday off to spend it with my two favorite ladies: my sista and Finley Kathleen. Isn’t she the cutest?!! I am so, so happy we only live 20 minutes from each other!


Weekly stats: 10 hours, 37 minutes.

Swim 7,650 yards, 2:50:02
Bike 91.48 miles, 4:58:35 (all outside!)
Run 10.38 miles, 1:26:50
Strength 20 minutes
Yoga one class, 60 minutes

This week: More of the same this week… lots o’ swimbikerunning! And, more blogging… I will post my last two race recaps!

Have a wonderful week, friends! It finally feels like spring in MinneSNOWta!

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  1. Every week you impress me more! Sorry to hear about the tummy troubles! That happens to me all of the time.
    Ps that swimming pictures is so cute!

    May 13, 2013
    • Thank you! We are big nerds, and I’m sure Nick loves when I make him take dorky pics together 🙂

      May 23, 2013
  2. Finley is so precious! Still so sad to hear about your lousy Saturday but glad you listened to your body and rested (even if it was because you had no choice!)

    Happy spring in Minne!

    May 13, 2013
    • Thanks, friend! So sorry I had to miss coffee! Let’s reschedule! When works for you?

      Happy spring indeed! 🙂

      May 23, 2013
  3. Carrisa #

    I can’t believe it’s already week 14 of your training! Time is just flying by! I completely get it when you talk about the immune system being less affective during heavy training. That happens during marathon training to me, so I can’t even imagine Ironman training! I missed my long run this weekend as well because of being tired and sick, but sometimes the body just needs a break.

    May 14, 2013
    • I KNOW, Carrisa! I don’t know how it’s this far along in training! Maybe some bug was going around… hope you’re feeling better! Rest does a body good 🙂

      May 23, 2013
  4. Love the pic of you and the boy in your gogs, supa hot.

    May 18, 2013

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